Welcome to the website of British artist April Reid. 

April offers 3 very different styles of art enabling her to be able to capture the spirit of each animal. 

"My styles are evolving all the time! I started by just offering graphite. I knew I could use the medium, but back then watercolour refused to work for me! All of a sudden in 2018 I saw a picture of a kingfisher and my gut told me to give it a go in watercolour.. and since then my style has changed several times! 

I knew I was able to draw outlines so I decided to try to draw an animal (my Red Squirrel) in pen (just a standard Biro!) and splash watercolour over it. And it turned out good but not great- so I kept practising and I love it! 

4 years later I am now offering my latest style. (See the horse above.)"



All images copyright to April Reid.