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Custom Pieces


The Process

Maine Coon

When you first contact me we'll discuss all of your requirements including when you need the piece for, reference images, size, style, colour schemes etc.

Once we've come up with a price I take a 25% deposit to secure your space on my calendar. I'll come up with digital mockups for approval and work with you to make any changes until you're happy.

I'll contact you usually a week or two before I'm due to start your piece to finalise the details, final payment is taken before the date I'm due to start.

I then create your piece, you can opt in or out of progress updates, I'll then send the piece to you (framed if chosen) wrapped securely in fully recyclable packaging and with a Certificate of Authenticity.

What I'll Need

Feel free to get these details decided before you contact me as I'll ask for them to come up with a quote!

For a Quote, I'll need

  • Size

  • When you need the piece for

  • A rough guide of what youre looking for (realism or abstract realism, what I'll be painting)

  • Framing or no framing (can be decided later)

  • Country the piece will ship to

To create your piece, I'll also need

  • Your chosen reference (as many as youd like if youre unsure, or a general idea if its not a pet portrait and I'll find some within your specs)

  • Your colour scheme

  • Any additional details, do's and dont's (IE dog collar removal, if you like certain background elements of mine but not others)


Pricing for custom pieces are completely individual to each painting, therefore I do not have a set price list. Pricing will be discussed when you get in touch around all of your requirements, to secure your price and calendar space a 25% deposit is taken upon finalising the booking.

(If you do not put a deposit down the price is subject to change based on materials cost and demand)

Many factors go into a quote including the size of the piece, how long the piece will take (this usually depends on a combination of the style chosen and the size), materials used, the shipping to your country, framing and more.

My pricing generally starts at around £800 (GBP) due to my countries taxes and materials costs. I'll always try to work within your budget so let me know if you have one and I will let you know options available to you!


Ready to discuss your piece?

Get in touch!

You can use either the form below or email if you have alot of ideas!

No Obligation Quote!

Get a 'Quick Quote'

Fill out this form for a quick quote or if you know what you're looking for!

Feel free to email

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I'll read through your form and get back to you with a quote and available calendar slots!

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