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Information, Terms & Conditions


April Reid Fine Art owns all copyright to everything. 

This includes Prints, Originals and Commissions. You may not copy, produce or re produce any items, digital or physical, of any April Reid designs or works. You may not mint your April Reid original painting into an NFT and re sell, print and distribute in any form or reproduce in any way by means of profit and/or otherwise.

Liability & Damages

All paintings and prints are packaged with the utmost care. All products are shipped insured, however if your item arrives damaged then please photograph the damaged package before it is opened or the courier will not cover the item and a refund cannot be given.

Refunds can not be given for any damages incurred after receipt of the item (i.e. fingerprints on the whites of Fine Art Prints.). All items are thoroughly inspected before shipping.

Please open Fine Art Prints extremely carefully: They are delicate and can dent and crease

Whilst I insure commissions and originals up to the full amount, couriers majority of the time will only pay out the actual COST of the materials, therefore if a painting gets damaged in transit I will offer the option to either re do the painting OR refund you the amount refunded from the courier and send you an embellished Canvas Print or Fine Art Print or your painting. Full refunds are not available because of this. Cancellations are not accepted.
I have not yet had a painting arrive damaged.

Post-Purchase fees

Items are made in and shipped from the UK.

Please check your countries customs and fees before purchasing. Majority of countries do not charge import fees on Original Paintings (this includes commissions.). Fine Art Prints can incur an import fee in some countries but I mark each parcel as 'Gift' to try to avoid this. 

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