Here you can find information on Shipping.



Shipping Free to the UK and EU.

Pricing is dependant on sizing of the Original.

Originals are wrapped in bubble wrap and heavy duty cardboard. 

Originals can take up to 4 weeks to process and pack however most are shipped within a week. 

Most Originals are sent via UPS or UPS Air, they are insured up to £1000. 

Originals worth more than £1000 are sent via different companies so they can be insured, this will be discussed.

Flight Print

Fine Art Prints

Shipping Free to the UK.

Prints will be sent in a heavy duty envelope or cardboard tube depending on size. All prints are wrapped in dust and dirt resistant tissue. 

Prints are either sent via Royal Mail or UPS / UPS Air dependant on current situations (for example, strikes etc.). All prints sent in a tube are tracked. 

All prints are insured.

Flight Print