Meet the artist: An Introduction to me!

Hi there!

My name is April and I am an artist currently living in England!

I live with my 2 year old Border Collie Domino in the Essex Countryside.

Outside of work we enjoy going on walks through the countryside and I plan on starting to go hiking and camping with him in 2022!

Domino was meant for Agility and was pegged as Team GB material but unfortunately it brought out some behaviours in him I didn't like- so we had to stop.

My professional artist journey began at age 15.

There was a photo of my horse that I was itching to draw. I posted a photograph on my personal Facebook and the rest is history!

I spent 2 years working in nothing but graphite pencils. I then began experimenting with colour, testing out watercolour, pencils, inks and more. All these experiments lead to my Ink and Watercolour style, which to this day is still my most popular for portraits AND originals!

At the end of 2021 I started playing around with pastels and now I feel I have a good grasp on the majority of materials!

I work as a professional artist part time currently, splitting my time between creating your beautiful portraits, creating originals, planning, photographing, running social media- and LIVESTREAMING on Twitch!

I work full time in horse racing in the Summer and part time over the winter, and I also have two small businesses April Rose Co and Domino Dogs Co. Both have taken a bit of a back seat at the moment as I am putting a lot of energy into my art career, which I hope to make full time!

I look forward to hearing from you regarding your portrait if you are interested in one!

I plan on making blog posts in the future surrounding art and running a small business so stay tuned!

Feel free to take a look at my social medias and I look forward to connecting with you!

-April x

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